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Nov, 2022

Little League Program

We are glad to announce that Germantown Baseball Inc has moved to join the Little League Program.  Even though we are excited for the change, we will need everyone's help to make the change a successful one.

The following are some main changes that will occur for the 2023 season

Changes to Registration:
Even with Babe Ruth, they required either proof of residency or proof of school enrollment, to show the child is within our boundaries.  Little League is the same way.  They will ask you to upload those documents to the player profile each year.  You can register as normal and add the documents later when you have them available.  Proof of residency will be one from each of the 3 categorizes below or a affidavit from a school showing enrollment

Proof of Residency #1
Driver’s license, School records, Vehicle records, Employment records, Insurance documents
Proof of Residency #2
Welfare/child care records, Federal records, State records, Local records, Support payment records, Homeowner or tenant records, Military records
Proof of Residency #3
Voter’s registration, Utility bills, Financial records, Medical records, Internet, cable, or satellite bills

Proof of School Enrollment
Must have the school fill out the following form and then download it to player profile
School Enrollment Form

Little League may ask for upload copy of the birth certificate for the child.

Changes to Division Programs:
Baseball Birthdates have changed.  They are posted on our home page. Softball dates have not changed

6U and 8U divisions in baseball and softball are now Coach Pitch Divisions.  We believe this be best for our players to get them adapted to kid pitch.  Also found that children tend to hit the ball better from a parents throwing a ball than a machine.

12U Baseball Division will be going from a 50 foot pitching with 70 foot bases to the 46 foot pitching with 60 foot bases.  There will also no long be allowed to lead off.

13-15 Baseball Divisions is now a  16U Baseball Senior Division

Time Limits for games have changed
Minor Divisions: 6U Baseball and Softball is a drop dead at 75 minutes
Minor Divisions: 8U Baseball and Softball is a drop dead at 90 minutes
Minor Divisions 10U Baseball and Softball is a drop dead at 105 minutes
Major Divisions 12U Baseball and Softball is a drop dead at 105 minutes
Senior Division 16U Softball is a drop dead at 105 minutes
Senior Division 16U Baseball is a drop dead at 120 minuites

All-Star Tournament Team Changes:
All tournament teams will now have a try out towards the end of May for placement on the team.  Parents will be required to agree to make sure player makes all available tournaments and sign the appropriate forms during try outs. 

Due to Little League District mapping, travel could be required as soon as the first Tournament "Districts".  Little League is also very strict in the tournament format.  Teams must win to progress to the next tournament.  This will give a competitive drive for our Players and Coaches.

Safety Rules and Regulations:
Little League focuses on the safety of the players, volunteers, workers, parents.  Because of this, Little League required alot of safety rules and regulations.  Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be notified of all of these and will enforce them.  
Some of these rules are as follows:
Use of appropriate bats for the divisions
All male players must wear athletic supports, Catchers must wear athletic cup.
Mandatory Play rule
Coaches warming up pitchers

You are able to download the Little League Rule Book at any android or iPhone store for $1.99.  This is a one time cost and rules books will update yearly for free.

More information will be added and given out as we get closer to the season.

If you have questions, please contact Matthew Love at 502-572-0267 or email at [email protected]

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