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Jan, 2023


Question: What is difference between Babe Ruth and Little League?
Answer: Both Babe Ruth and Little League are national organizations that Local Leagues can sanction with.  Little League focuses more on the Rec league and the growth/safety of the children in that settings.

Question: Why the switch from machine pitch to coach pitch?
Answer: We are finding out the pitching machine is becoming more and more unreliable during its use.  Studies also have shown that children are more comfortable to hit by a coach pitching than a machine pitching to them.  A coach pitching to a batter also helps with the reaction time of the batter when hitting.

Question: What is the difference with Germantown going from Babe Ruth to Little League?
Answer: 6U and 8U will be coach pitch instead of machine pitch.  Spring season doesn't change.  Tournament teams will have a try out before teams are put together for the tournament trail. Coaches are required to register online as a coach.  Parents are required to upload specific documents if their child is chosen to be on a tournament team.  

Question: Does my child have to go to school or live within your boundary to be eligible to play at Germantown?

Answer: No, Germantown allows any child from any location to play at Germantown in its Spring and Fall Seasons.


Question: What does the concession options mean?

Answer: We ask that for each child that plays on a team, one parent works a 4-5 hour scheduled shift for our concession stand.  This is a $100 check deposit which you will receive back once the scheduled shift is completed.  We understand that parents have multiple kids and other situations that make working a shift in the concession stand impossible, so we have implemented a Concession Buy Out option at time of registration.  This is a one time free the parents pay during registration to opt out of working the concession stand duty.


Question: Am I required to provide proof of school and/or residency to play at Germantown?

Answer: No, Germantown allows any child ages 3-16 to play at Germantown following the Little League Age Chart for the Spring and Fall Seasons.


Question: Why am I required to provide my Drivers License during registration as a volunteer?

Answer: We are required under Federal Law that every adult that volunteers and works with children to run a background check.  The Drivers License allows us to verify the person that is volunteering.


Question: Why does the registration ask for proof of residency or school if it is not required?

Answer: To be eligible for Little League Tournament Play in the months of June-August, Little League requires certain documents for proof of eligibility.


Question: What if I can’t provide proof of boundary eligibility for the Little League Tournament Play?

Answer: Little League provides waivers that we can fill out and submit to them.  Parents will need to get with the Germantown Board of Director to complete this form. Any player who played at Germantown in 2022 or before will be eligible to be “Grandfathered” into the Little League Tournament Play.  The Germantown Board of Directors will complete this in March 2023 with Little League Officials.


Question: Can my child play up or down in a division?

Answer: A child may play up or down one age division. Examples #1: Child that is 7 years old who would be in the 8U division that is determined by the Little League Age Chart may play down to a 6U division. Example #2 Child that is 10 years old who would be in the 10U Division that is determined by the Little League Age Chart may play up to a 12U division.  Any parent that wants to play up or down will need to speak with the Germantown Board of Director to be manually moved to this divisions.  Please note that any child moving up or down in a division may result in ineligibility to the Little League Tournament Play.


Question: When are practices and games played?

Answer: Days of practices and games are different year to year based on the total number of participants in the Leagues.  This isn’t normally set in stone until after registration.  We attempt to keep the younger kids playing early during the week at 6pm start time with the older children ending by 10pm.


Question: How long is the Spring season? Fall Season?

Answer: Spring Season practices will start at the end of February/beginning of March; Games will start at the end of March and end towards the end of May.  There will be an in-house tournament for divisions with 3 or more teams at the end of May/beginning of June.  Fall Season practices will start at the beginning of August; Games will start at the beginning of September and end right before Halloween.

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