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    General Ideal of the Calendar Year for Germantown Baseball Inc.:

    Online Registration: December 1st to Evaluations in end of February, notifications usually send out when it has started through email, text and Facebook

    In-Person Registration: First weekend of February, other dates maybe done: Notifications usually on our website, Facebook, and emails sent out.

    Evaluations: End of February, dates are usually on the Evaluation Page of our Website once offical and notifications will be sent out by website, Facebook and emails.

    Practices: March to Opening Day

    Park Clean up: Usually the week leading into Opening Day  Volunteers needed to assist in clean up

    Opening Day: End of March

    Season Games: End of March until End of May

    Picnic Day: Mid May usually.

    In-House Tournament(if applicable): End of May  

    ALL STAR Tournaments: usually mid June to August  (Germantown usually Host a few of the Babe Ruth All-Star Tournaments)

    Fall Ball: Registration starts beginning of May and game play is usually August to October

    End of Year Clean up: Usually the week after last Game for Fall ball has played.

    Fundraisers will be held throughout the year with notifications being made through Facebook, text, and emails.

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